Hello, thanks for visiting, I am not a great wordsmith (I like pictures) so here is a ten point summary....

•  I live in Seattle with my wife, our daughter & two boxers  

•  I am listening to Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds while I write this

•  I love Aberdeen Football Club (we were great in the 80s)

•  I drink more soda & eat more candy than a grown man should  

•  I have a Lego collection  

•  I once had an incident with Rhianna  

•  I would spend every day on the snow if I could  

•  Father Ted is the best TV show ever produced  

•  My favorite cheese is Halloumi  

•  I think I might get a new tattoo tomorrow  

There are not any website, blog badges or popularity awards on my website as the most important thing is that you love the work you see and are ready to trust me with your perfect day.  Thanks again for visiting & I hope to hear from you soon,

Steven  •  steven@dangerfieldphoto.com